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You have entered the homepage of Michael – a Danish adventurer exploring the world. Also known as Mikethebike (originally invented by the kids of my lovely Scottish family "Michael the bicycle" but the shorter version is easier). 

This homepage contains my experiences during my current 5 years combined bicycling and backpacking round-the-world trip starting in Autumn 2012. I'm going to bicycle because it's a great way to explore remote and rural areas and meet people that I would not otherwise have met. The backpacking part is to provide variety and to pass time when I'm waiting for the bicycling season e.g. during Winter and rainy season. Read separate sections for more information about this trip and itinerary for more details on where and when I plan to go.

On this homepage I'll write my travel descriptions from this trip. The blue menu bar to the left is divided into sections per continent/region of approx. 6 months time. The top level is sub-divided into 1 or 2 lower levels displayed in order of time and geography. At the lowest level there will a text describing what I have experienced and selected pictures and videos to illustrate it.

As a person I'm curious and open-minded, honest, positive and love to explore and learn new things; especially about other people and myself. I'm fun-loving, easy-going and adventurous with a good sense of humour. I used to be a workaholic but decided that life is too short and precious for that. Today I live life to the fullest which for me means seizing the day and living in the moment – everyday is abouot pursuing desires and happiness and living out my dreams. Read the sections under About me for more information.

I have travelled the world extensively for decades and experienced the world's diverse people, cultures, philosophies, religions, temples, nature, wild life, etc. I love all kinds of outdoor activities particularly diving, trekking and bicycling and I'm also interested in history, society, politics, environmentals issues and photography. Read the separate sections for more information on previous trips, best travel experience and interests.

If you would like to send a public message please use my Guestbook and if you want to send me a private message, please use the contact form under Contact.

If you have other questions please read How to for more information on how to nagivate on this hompage. 

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