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This section briefly describes how to navigate on this homepage


Picture carousel/rotator

The rotator/slider contains "appetizer" pictures from either some my last destinations or fromp previous trips. Click on the text at the bottom of the desired picture and go to the section describing that particular destination.


The search engine is useful if you want inspiration for specific places to go, activities to do, etc. Later in my trip it might also be useful if you want to find something that you have read previously but don't remember when or where.

Travel Descriptions (dark blue menu bar under the picture carousel/rotator)

This section contains my travel descriptions from this trip. The menu bar is overall divided into sections per continent/region of approx. 6 months time (time and geography) - the last continent/region will always be at the top and previous will follow below. The continent/region is then sub-divided into 1 or 2 lower levels displayed in order of time and geography. At the lowest level there is a text describing what I have experienced and selected pictures/videos to illustrate it. Whenever my camera can pick up a gps signal there will be a small icon under the picture and when you click on it you'll be able to see where the picture was taken (though sometimes the camera doesn't adapt quickly and a previsous destination will be indicated). 

Mailing list subscriber (light blue bar at the bottom left)

If you want to receive an automatic notice every time I have updated the homepage, please submit your name and email. I estimate the time between notifications will be appr. 2-3 months depending on how much I experience, internet access, etc.


In the top of the homepage there are different icons:

A) Previous trips contains:

  • A general description of my travelling before this trip including:

    • my changing outcome from travelling over time

    • my different ways of travelling

      countries travelled

  • Pictures/videos categorised by different subjects (not by trips) with a brief preliminary description

  • A seperate menu bar with selected travel descriptions from my previous trips (only in Danish) - See Gamle rejsebeskrivelser

You can navigate this section by use of the the dark blue menu bar on the left.

B) Itinerary

Comprises a rough schedule of my travel plans – I’ll update it as often as possible in line with my changing plans. Besides giving you an idea about my travel plans, you can use it as an opportunity to meet me somewhere around the world, should you be in the same region at the same time.

C) About me

This section contains miscellaneous information about me and this trip. You can navigate this section by use of the the dark blue menu bar on the left.

D) Guest book (public message)

Please write in my guest book if you want your message to be public and readable by everybody.

E) Contact (private message)

Please fill out and submit the contact form under Contact if you want to send me a personal message.  |  Michael  |  Around the World