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AlaskaAfter spending the Winter in South America and visiting family and friends in Europe and the US, I'll spend this Summer bicycling from California to Alaska. Like last Spring when I began my bicycle trip around and across the US, I'm physically out of shape as I've exercised very little during the last months and (on purpose) gained a lot of weight, so I can burn body fat instead of fast carbs from chocolate, soft drinks, etc. It will be very tough in the beginning, however from experience I know it'll only take a couple of weeks before I'm back in shape. Mentally I feel more ready than last year – a longstanding desire to visit Alaska and last year's great experience biking across the US make me want to go.

So what are my expectations for this Summer's journey? Well, I expect to continue encountering friendliness, helpfulness, kindness, hospitality and generosity from the many interesting people I'll meet along the way. And naturewise I doubt it can get much better – travelling up the west coast of the US, through the huge Canadian forests and mountains and finally experiencing the breathtaking nature and wildlife in Alaska. I have no specific plans or ideas what to do once I get to Alaska but I'm sure I'll get some local recommendations for how to spend te Summer – whatever happens it's bound to be a great adventure and an experience for life.


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