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20 March 2014

My plan was initially to do a daytrip by plane to Kaieteur Falls deep in the Amazon jungle (with 226 meters the biggest single fall in the world), but the timing was bad as flights are only scheduled in the weekend. It might have been possible to go with an agent during the week but they were very expensive and - anyway – nobody managed to fill a plane. I asked around for alternative things to do (including at the tourist information) but nobody had interesting suggestions so I ended up doing a daytrip to small town Linden a bit inland.

I got up early and walked to the public bus; however the first bus has already departed and the next was in 2½ hour – still a couple of people were already waiting for departure (!). Instead I took a slightly more expensive minibus and after 1½ hour of crazy driving I arrived in Linden by the landing where a small boat ferried me across the river. The dark sky made everything look less inviting but it was pleasant walking around – first up and down the river for some hours on one side and then again on the other side.... Not so much to see but people were friendly and I was happy to get out of Georgetown for the day....

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