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One of the things I appreciate most when travelling is meeting numerous helping and welcoming people everywhere I go. I have obtained a lot of academic knowledge from studying, but challenging and understanding myself and my values and putting my life in perspective, I had to attend the school of life on the road = travelling to different cultures meeting numerous different people.

Where I come from we are vary of strangers so it was (and still is) overwhelming to meet people (especially in so-called less developed countries) who have very little insisting on sharing everything with me. I have had to learn to receive the unconditional hospitality and friendship of strangers and being rejected by these proud people when offering to chip in… These people often live simple lives prioritising people, spiritual contemplation and living in the moment - and they are generally very open-minded and interested in strangers with whom they share the little they have. I'm often ashamed of coming from such a rich country where we are more concerned about losing our posessions than helping a stranger. 

As a consequence people in less developed countries in general seem happier than people in the developed world where career and material wealth are synonymous with success and happiness. Many people work too much, get lifestyle diseases and/or stress and there is a tendency of living either in the past (affected by bad experiences/traumas or recollections of better times) or in the future (fears/concerns or dreams/hopes of a better life). And many people never receive the expected "bonus" of retirement and those who do are often too tired or ill to pursue their life dreams. 

I this section I can of course not show everybody I have met, so I have selected a few pictures to illustrate some of my many experiences. See also the section Previous trips - culture and traditions.

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