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Cultures and traditions are everything and nothing so this section is not quite clear cut. It comprises everything from indigenous people, to handicrafts and ways of transportation - and to a large extent it overlaps many of the other sections.

I'm especially fond of indigenous people because they most often live very simple lives in the present - getting food and water, washing clothes, etc. Also they are an inspiration for how to live sustainable lives in harmony with nature - only use what you need today and never exploit any resource so much it becomes extinct whether forest, fish, animals, etc. Sustainability also goes for transport that often takes place by small rafts, horse (or the like) drawn carriges, etc. And finally many indigenous people still wear their beautiful and traditionally colourful clothes. See also the section Previous trips - people.

I think I find handicraft interesting because I seldom experience the manufacturing process - everything can be acquired in a supermarket without me having to bother where, how and by whom it was produced.

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