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Whenever possible I use the same means of transportation as the locals. It is often neither comfortable nor fast, but to meet and improve my understanding of the local people this is one of the best options.

Whenever possible I take trains and boats because they are more comfortable for me being 2 meters with long legs. Most common though are buses of very varying quality and comfort - most primitive in Asia, Central America and Africa. When there are no busses, it is usually possible to take a truck used as a bus together with vargo - or sometimes a motorbike. Flying I primarily use on very long distances mainly when travelling between continents.


I have bicycled since I was a kid. In my early teens I had a knee injury (from soccer) and different doctors told me not to do any exercise – “you’ll grow out of it”. It turned out to be very bad advice, because the leg muscles disappeared and the knee got weaker and weaker leading to numerous operations over the next 5-6 years. At this stage I decided to go against doctors’ advice and start bicycling, because it's good exercise without being to strenuous for the knee. For the next decades I bicycled a lot on my racing bike around Copenhagen until 2010 where I decided to try long distance bicycling - combining my love for bicycling and travelling. During these trips I discovered that it's a great way to experience nature and local communities, get a lot of exercise and at the same time do some thinking. After 3 trips in Europe, I decided to do the ultimate trip and bicycle around the world.

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