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1 – 16 March 2013

When I arrived in Miami immigration took over 2 hours (don't come here unless you really have to) and when I got my luggage the aluframe on my backpack was broken and one end had pierced the bag and inside my my tent. Making the claim took forever and the Cayman Airways' representative was quick to reject all responsibility. Fortunately my own insurance covered without discussion, so my challenge is reduced to buying new equipment (and the loss of USD 200 in deductibles). I spent 9 days with Andrew and Evie with whom I couchsurfed before I went to Caribbean – very nice to see them again. I spent most of the time updating my homepage but during the weekend we went to church (presbytarian and very similar to protestant Denmark), visited the community gathering, did a trip to the Everglades and visited Clyde Butcher's gallery (photos at USD 125,000!). I had hoped to visit my other couchsurfing friend Andrès, but unfortunately he had other people staying over, so I borrowed Andrew's bicycle and camped a couple of nights in a Miami park less than a meter from the water and mangroves (lots of mosquitoes but fortunately no gators) - during the day I bicycled around northern Miami, relaxed at the beach, etc. By the way, not the best dry-run; I had a flat tire, no repair kit and despite searching most of a day I never succeeded finding a bicycle shop – a good reminder to bring all necessary spare parts and tools for my trip. Also I experienced a secutity guard requesting me to leave the supermarket premises after sitting for a while reading a book in the far end of the parking lot. No explantion given except private property – only in the US and a couple of dictatorship countries I can think of - land of the free...hmmmm.

I took the bus to Naples where I spent a couple of days with my friends Brian and Christina who have stored my bicycle and other stuff while I was in the Caribbean – hospitable and generous people and a great pleasure to revisit. I spent most of the time doing the last preparations for my trip but there was time for a couple of cosy dinners.

Many of the things I experienced during my time in Florida were similar to last time i visited, so i didn't take many pictures - please re-visit the Florida section under Caribbean 2012/13 for text and pictures. 

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