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Once upon a time on a small bounty island lived a fisherman. Every day he took his primitive fishing rod and went to his favourite spot on the beach to fish - and every day he brought home fish to feed his family and occationally the village neighbours when it was a big fish. He wasn't rich but he was happy because he liked fishing and was able to provide for his family. As years went by the unspoilt island got more developed and foreiners started arriving but the fisherman wasn't too affected as most of them stayed on the other side of the island. However, one day while fishing he watched a foreigner passing by on the beach. The next day the same man came to the beach this time studying the fisherman for a while before addressing him:

Tourist (T): What are you catching?

Fisherman (F): Just some fish to feed my family

T: Is it easy to catch fish here?

F: Sure, there are always lots of fish here. Sometimes I catch enough to feed the whole village and occationally so many I have to set them free because we can't eat all that fish...


The tourist said goodbye and walked down the beach in thoughts. The next day he came back and appoached the fisherman:

T: You should get a net to catch more fish and sell them on the other side of the island

F: But what would I use the money for?

T: You should buy a boat that could take you further out where there are big schools of fish. That way you can catch even more fish to sell

F: And what would I spend the money on?

T: You could buy more boats and hire some people to go fishing for you. You could feed the whole island...

F: It sounds awfully complicated. What would I use all the money for..?

T: You could buy a trawler and go fishing far away catching heaps of fish... and later a whole fleet of trawlers.... Imagine how many fish you could catch every day....

F: But it would be too many fish for people on this island to eat....

T: Well, with all the money you make, you could invest in a fish factory selling fish to nearby islands and later to the whole world

F: But the fish wouldn't last long - we don't have electricity to freeze it

T: You could move to the other side of the island where everything is more developed

F: But what about my family and my village?

T: They could come with you. The village people could work for you. And you could buy a big mansion, big cars and a yacht in the harbour - and you could get some servants so your wife doesn't have to work and a nanny so she doesn't have to raise your kids....

F: But what would my wife do if we have servants?

T: Well she could go shopping all day long buying expensive clothes and jewelry – you can afford it....

F: And what would I do?

T: Well, after working hard and long for many years, you can hire somebody to run the business for you. You'll have so much money that you can retire and then you have time to come fishing here on the beach every day.....


In our so-called developed part of the world, we have made our lives so busy and complicated that we have lost perspective on what is important in life and what makes us truly happy. Be courageous and break free - do what you are passionate about and live in the moment.....if you procrastinate it might be too late....  |  Michael  |  Around the World