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Looking back my life has been easiest and happiest in periods where:

  • There has been cohesion between my identity and the things I have done

  • I have been occupied with something I was passionate about


My philosophy of life

  • Life has to be fun – otherwise I have to change something

  • I'm responsible for my own life – and possibilities are endless

  • Talk to others about my problems and listen to their advice, but never live according to other people's expectations, societal norms, etc.

  • Be honest to myself – feel if the things I do are right for me. Say what I do and do what I say – integrity

  • Be honest to others – it is easier and prevents concerns and conflicts

  • Get rid of/solve all issues that affect my life in a negative way - negativity takes up too much of my energy. I need positive people around me - people who encourage and support my being, decisions, lifestyle, dreams, etc.; not people who try to put me down 
  • Believe in myself – I can do everything I want (but not necessarily at the same time)- life is what I make it! 
  • Be committed and diligent – only lint comes from nothing
  • Do what I'm passionate about - passion is the easiest way to success and happiness

  • Success implies more success – and happiness implies more happiness

  • Success and happiness are decisive for my self-esteem and well-being

  • Self-esteem and well-being are decisive for how I look at myself – my identity

  • Be open to strangers - 99,99% of all people want the best for me and everybody has an interesting story to tell. Openness is an opportunity for being inspired and learning something new 

  • Be open to the unknown – I can always learn something new

  • Never stop reflecting on the purpose of life and what I want to achieve in life before I die?

    • I have limited and unknown time on earth

    • Life is about making decisions and prioritising

Only I decide if I and how I can be happy

  • Happiness comes from within, i.e. I fell good about myself. Sincere and lasting happiness is independent of my possessions, my doings, my whereabouts and my company

  • It requires that I get to know myself – who am I and who do I want to be(come)?

  • Set time aside for personal reflection – even though it's sometimes difficult

  • Continuously cosider what makes me happy

    • What identity do I want to have (in my own eyes – not other people's)?

    • What things - if any - do I need to change in my life to stay?

  • The hardest decisions in life are often the best and afterwards I never understand why they were so difficult to make

  • Change and adversity is a possibility to learn something new about myself and other people. Stay positive and focus on possibilities. The glass is half full – not half empty

  • Live in the moment – not in the past and not in the future

    • Confront my concerns – most of them never materialise

    • Confront my fear – it is irrational and limiting

    • Happiness is not future dreams of house, car, boat, girlfriend, winning the lottery, etc. These things only provide temporary happiness, but not sincere and lasting happiness


Change is difficult but not impossible if I embrace it

  • If I'm not happy I need to find out why. Look inward – to blame everybody else doesn't solve the problem and it doesn't make my happy

  • (Self)Awareness is the first step to change

  • My emotions and disputed with other people are excellent ways to understand myself (increase self-awareness):

    • Why do I do/react the way I do?

    • Do I like the way I behave/react?

    • If not – how do I want to behave in the future?

  • When I have a problem/conflict there are always 3 options (universal):

    • Accept it (demand that I change my view – ”I honestly don't care”)

    • Change it (be persistent – the long haul as it might not change overnight)

    • Distance myself from it (walk away)

  • Change is difficult

    • I have to break out of my norms/habits – exceed my comfort zone

    • I have to convince other people about my change  |  Michael  |  Around the World