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An area of great interest is the world's multiple people, culture/traditions, religions and languages. I consider travelling the “school of life”. Meeting people from countless cultures around the world has put my life in perspective and made me reflect upon my own upbringing, values, belief, way of life, priorities, etc. – and as a consequence I have made some drastic changes. My process of personal development has lasted for years but I hope it ever ends and I still appreciate meeting people who are able to inspire and challenge me. As part of the process I have become very interested in psychology and human behaviour.

I'm very interested history, society, politics, environmental issues, etc. and enjoy a good discussion on these topics. But in general I like listening to people who are passionate, intelligent and knowledgeable, because they can make any subject interesting. I love to visit museums but over time I have become somewhat more selective, preferring museums that have specialised in a topic in stead of displaying a little of everything. However, I still find it interesting to visit local museums illustrating the history and culture of the country/region I visit.

I'm love everything in nature. I'm especially passionate about trekking whether in a desert, a jungle, a rice field or in the mountains at the same time being able to watch animals, birds, flowers, reptiles, etc. Besides terkking I love all kinds of outdoor activities e.g. rafting, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and I have tried paragliding, parashuting and ice climbing.

I love bicycling. It's a great way to experience nature and local communities, get a lot of exercise and at the same time do some thinking. I used to only bicycle long trips around my home town Copenhagen, but 2 years ago I combined my love for travelling and bicycling and started long distance bicyling in Europe. I liked it so much that it eventually led to my current bicycle/backpacking trip around the world.

I love diving as it's a fantastic opportunity to experience a unique world in weightlessness and silence. Currently I'm a Dive Master but I consider becoming an instructor to be able to teach other people diving. 

Travelling a lot has made me interested in photography and architecture.

Finally I enjoy food together with a cold beer or a good glass of wine - sharing the experience with interesting people. 

All these topics and many more I get a chance to experience when travelling. See Previous trips – pictures for examples of what I have already experienced travelling.

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